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1 )  I'm still at home in WI and it's cold.  I know that all of you who live in places with winter all the time are laughing at me, but being in CA for years has changed my threshold for defining cold.  Not to mention the fact that I no longer own snow boots, or heavy mittens, or the other layers that make going for a walk in the snow more plausible.  But I am glad I got to play in the snow a little, and watch my niece and nephew build snowmen, and walk over freshly fallen snow.  I'll just also be glad to leave.

2)   I wrote out holiday cards yesterday.  So many of them that I ran out of cards - which has never happened before.  That's what I get for sending a card to all of my first cousins for the first time ever.  In any case I ran back to the store last night and luckily they had one more box of my cards.  Of course I only needed about six and I got 16 so if you still wanted a card from me now is your chance.  (Sorry I'm not sure how to embed a link here to my card post, but it's the one previous to this if you want to put your address somewhere screened.)

3) The first production meeting for my next show is happening today - without me since I'm in the wrong state.  I reread the script yesterday and sent in the few questions I had to get answered.  It would be nice to be there to meet everyone and have faces to go with names.  But overall I'm pretty meh about this show right now, and am becoming meh about theatre as a career in general again.  Eh, we'll see.

4) I finally picked up the shawl I started ages ago, intending to get a solid base on it before I left WI.  Number of rows currently on my needles - four.  Number of rows I've knit but torn out (or knit and then unknit to correct a mistake) - 12.  The pattern really isn't that hard, but I'm not used to charts, and so far I appear to be unable to concentrate on the decreases, the yarn overs, and counting all in the same row.  I like the shawl and don't want to abandon this project, but if it's going to take this much concentration (can't work it in front of the tv) it may never get done.  Hrm, I've determined I need to make it to the top of the chart once, and then make a decision.

5) The BCS amuses me.  Everyone is arguing who should be in second but honestly Ohio State played steady, uninspired football against mostly mediocre opponents.  The fact that no one seems to be disputing their right to be there seems silly.  For the record, I expect LSU to pound them to little tiny pieces.  Also, the fact that the WI game starts at 8am on New Years Day where I live is just mean.

Now, I'm going to go and buy stamps. 

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being in CA for years has changed my threshold for defining cold
It's so true. I've become a complete wimp since moving out here. You're not missing anything though - the weather here has sucked. First it was cold (okay, by CA definitions, but my heat was broken so it counts twice) and now it's rainy.

With complicated patterns, I find that it takes a few repeats before I can get used to it and stop having to focus on every stitch. Are you counting across the whole row? That's probably not necessary (I say this without having seen the pattern), as the lace pattern should tell you whether you've dropped a stitch anywhere.

as much as I've been anti-LSU this season....

I am planning on putting money on them as the spread is only something like 7 points. So even though every game that I did play them on, they have lost for me this season, there is no way that they can lose to Ohio St, right?

As for me, I'm surprised that LSU jumped over VaTech, which I thought would move up and was all excited about. They were above LSU and they beat BC who was 11 and LSU only went against Tenn who was 14, played sloppier than I had expected, and I think should've lost. I thought even Georgia would move up.

And of course, I'm on the bandwagon wondering how Illinois made it to the Rose Bowl. And even though I know that Hawaii will lose, I'm so happy for them.

Now it's time for me to move on to Bball and be upset that the #1 Bruins lost to T's #8 Longhorns. He called me gloating.

But overall I'm pretty meh about this show right now, and am becoming meh about theatre as a career in general again. Eh, we'll see.
Aw, eep! *hug*

Oh man, you did pick a crappy time to come to WI. Welcome back to the land of snow and ice! I hope you're not snowed in at all.

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