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gods hate french fries - a meditation
mr yuk
Last night after rehearsal I was driving north to stay at the friend's house where I've been cat sitting for the last two weeks and I realized I was hungry and she doesn't have any snacky food.  So I took a slightly longer route in and stopped through a McDonald's drivethru.  I ordered, got my food, confounded the counter person by giving them $5.01 for a $4.86 check (I still got 14 cents in change, I decided not to fight it), and then prepped to drive away by rolling up my window.   Which didn't roll up all the way.  FYI, the windows are electric in my '96 Honda.  I stared at the window in consternation for a moment and then realized that the glass of the window had somehow fallen off the track again**.  So I drove to my friend's with the window only half up, grateful that at least the rain had stopped.  Upon arrival I studied the window more carefully.  The end closest to the front of the car was dipping low, pulling the back straight part away from being parallel with the door.  I manually pushed it square and then worked the switch to close it a little more, this got me to within three inches of being closed.  At which point I taped two garbage bags to the window, looped them over the top of the door frame and shut the door for the night.

**Yes, again.  The same thing happened two years ago.  That time in early December and it was raining, but it was after a late night fast food run through a drive thru when my window didn't go up.  Seeing the pattern?  A friend helped me take apart the door and reset the window closed, but I didn't have it fixed  to go up and down again until January of this year. 

Things I have learned:
- I am now surprisingly good at manually pushing my window into place.
- When this happens the time it takes to do something so your window isn't just sitting open for the night will make your food cold.  Making you even more annoyed by the entire process.
- Cold McD's food is slightly better than cold In and Out.

This morning when I went out to check on the car I found that the window motor was a little happier and so by manually squaring the window off I have it almost completely closed.  There is still a 1/4" gap along the front curve that whistled at me on the way home, but I have now sealed that off with gaff tape, meaning I can wait a little while before taking it back to a mechanic.

So apparently, I am not supposed to eat fast food of any kind, but especially french fries, after 11pm.  And if I try the gods will come and break my drivers side window making using a drive thru a near impossibility just to remind me.   Stupid gods.  Stupid french fries.

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Ha. I misread your title as "god i hate french fries," so I was confused for most of the story.

I'm sorry you're having window issues! And that they're getting in the way of your enjoyment of French fries. Mmm, French fries.

Heh, that would be a different story.

Last night I was very cranky and it is good that I had only cats and not people to deal with. This morning I think the whole thing is kind of funny. And looking at the window in daylight I can see part of the problem (the front of the window is outside both parts of the rubber gasket instead of between) but I'm afraid if I lower it to fix that I won't get it back up again. So I'm sticking with gaff tape.

And nothing will stand between me and french fries when I need them. Nothing!

My brother in law has a 96 Civic and had the same problem. He works at a Honda dealership now and looked up his car and found that some part of the window mechanism had a recall. If you have a civic I can ask him to double check it...if so any Honda dealership should fix it for free.

Really? It is a Civic, and I don't usually take my car to a dealership so my shop would have had no reason to know that. Thanks so much, that's cool to know - when I have the time to take my car in I will find my local dealership and ask them about it. Because I do greatly enjoy having windows that go up and down. Though the white gaff tape looks rather festive on my dark green car.

Edited at 2007-12-19 11:47 pm (UTC)

So this is kind of "the treadmills of the gods grind slowly" huh?

... confounded the counter person by giving them $5.01 for a $4.86 check
Oh, my dad used to this to unsuspecting, poorly-educated "I just got taught to push the button, man" cashiers ALL THE TIME. I often do it, too, but I'll typically give them an "out" by saying (as if it just occurred to me) something like "Oh, wait! I think I have a penny, that way you can just give me a quarter back" or whatever.

... my window. Which didn't roll up all the way. FYI, the windows are electric in my '96 Honda. I stared at the window in consternation for a moment and then realized that the glass of the window had somehow fallen off the track again**.
This happened to me multiple times too. No fun.

But french fries are fun! Yay french fries!

It's exciting to find out that I am not the only one who has had this window problem, it feels a little less like I'm being singled out. But gah is it a pain in the ass.

I may have to eat extra french fries this weekend just to make up for last night's getting cold.

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