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Room party
witchofthedogs is proposing an LJ Room Drink Party for Wednesday, January 16. The party is one in which each participant opens a public post introducing themselves with a short paragraph and then invites everyone to "mingle" in the comments to the post. There is a master post here where everyone participating in the "party" is listed and the idea is that friends of friends or people on your flist wander through, mingle, talk, strike up conversation and meet people on the other flists. If you are interested in participating, go sign up!

Hello all I am beeker and I live in the Bay Area of CA.  I work as a stage manager for a regional theatre, and we have our first preview and photo call today so I may not be around as much as i'd like.  Let's see; I knit and crochet, read as much as I can, and am working on defeating my netflix list (at last count there were 270 movies in my queue).  I also run, somewhat slowly but I can keep going.  I'm in a relationship with a fabulous guy and have a few close friends, though I don't get to hang out with them as much as I'd like (see theatre).  It was the Veronica Mars fandom that first pulled me into being really active here.

The bar is serving Jack Daniels, with coke if you want it - or neat if that's what you need.  If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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Ooh, I'll have some Coke.

I haven't seen you in ages! When can we rectify that? Foreseeing any free time in the coming months? There are movies and plays to see!

Coke it is.

I know - I haven't seen many people in ages. The second half of February is the next non-show time I have, hopefully we can match schedules then.

Hi beeker! I'm checking out everyone's room ;-)

My brief intro: I'm an avid reader with limited time; I love to sew, cross-stitch, and now crochet; I'm a college graduate (English & theater) with a long work history who is now fortunate enough to be SAHM to my 13 year old daughter Furuba9 and almost-5 year old son Mr Bear; I was married, divorced, and now married to my high school boyfriend; I love sci-fi; I'm currently reading The Amber Spyglass from the His Dark Materials trilogy; I'm a huge Whedon fan and adore(d) Firefly, Serenity, Angel and - of course - Buffy! I really enjoy LJ and the friends I have made here. A lot of my posts are open - I usually only lock really more personal stuff or anything with pictures of my kids.

Nice to meet you! Anyone who would like to, feel free to wander over to my room and have a drink!

Heh my degrees are in Lit and theatre too, what part of theatre did you work in? The Dark Materials trilogy is fabulous - I hope you enjoy it to the end. Are you reading season 8 of Buffy in comics? It's nice to get a regular dose of the Whedonverse again. I do lock posts when I'm talking about shows with any specificity, but try to keep most things open.

Good to meet you too! I'll have time to go visiting shortly.

Primarily I acted, but I did do some stage manager stints, makeup, and one round as assistant director. I love it still but it has been YEARS :-( My husband says he wants me to go out for our community theater and just have fun with it.

I'm LOVING the trilogy... I'm reading slower now just to make it last!!

I am TOTALLY loving Season 8, and my dear hubby makes sure to pick me up the new episodes every month!!

Yeah no matter how much it annoys me there is something about theatre that keeps pulling me back. I still either dress or work floor crew for an occasional show to remember what it's like not to be in charge. I keep debating trying something else, but I have no idea what that would be so here I stay.

Heh I'm glad to hear you like season 8 and are reading it montly as it was intended! I'm already a comic book geek, so it's one more title on my pull list, but I always make sure to go in the weeks that Buffy comes out.

(Deleted comment)
Plain coke it is. Just leaves more Jack for the rest of us.

Hey B! Jack and Coke may warm me up some. It's FREEZING RAIN outside! I am all alone at work (again), so surfing the Net is a good thing!

I still have dvds my brother lent me a year ago that I haven't watched yet. Heh.

I only just got to work, the odd world of working what is essentially second shift. We finally got a sunny day after lots of grey, but I'll join you in a Jack and Coke - just to be sociable.

Heh - what DVDs are they?

Thanks for opening up your room for the party! Maybe I better just have some Coke, thanks. The idea of mixing Jack and Jose sounds like a dangerous idea to me.

Anyway, my name is Bob Bruhin. Nice to meet you! First, lets get my intro out of the way:

In addition to 20 years experience in the software development industry, I serve on boards of several arts and social organizations. In 1999, I was instrumental in founding Delaware Valley Pagan Network, Inc. (DVPN), a 501(c)(3) recognized nonprofit Pagan community center initiative. I served as DVPN's Board President from 1999 until 2004, when I stepped down to focus more on his growing role as Development Director for the organization. Since 2001 I have served as Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for Pagan Pride Project, Inc., where I coordinate 17 annual Pride events in six states and the District of Columbia. From 2000 until 2004 I was Technology Officer of Astral Wilderness, LLC, an Internet-based art gallery. In 2003 I accepted the position of Administrator of the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and the Philly Fringe, an annual local, national, and international performing arts festival held in Philadelphia, PA. Currently I am back working in Software Development at the Assessment division of Kenexa, where I am in the process of a re-factoring of and update to the code underlying the Kenexa Prove It!® product. Additionally, I'm applying all of this diverse experience toward the foundation of DVPN's new Pagan Arts Initiative (PAI). PAI is part of DVPN, but it’s also a way to reach out to the wider community: In addition to promoting Pagan artisans, craftspeople, and performers, the PAI will also include non-Pagan artists who work with classical and emerging neo-pagan themes. I've also become rapidly addicted to digital panorama photography in the past few months. Feel free to cruise my journal here to see way to many examples of my experiments in this medium.

Whew! Anyway, thanks again for hosting a room. Hope you are having a fun and interesting day. Feel free to stop by for some tequila, if you have a few!

Wow I can't quite imagine administrating an entire fesitval. One show at a time is more than enough for me.

I agree that mixing the boys is always a bad idea, but I haven't started on my own stash of Jack yet so I'll have to visit to join you in some tequila to start. Anyway Bob, I'm Rebecca and it's good to meet you.

The hardest part was cutting the hundreds of checks. The second hardest was issuing all the 1099s come tax time. The rest was mostly fun (though in the long run, it was just a job).

Ah the paperwork. Always the pain of any job. Though I get the just a job thing, I know theatre can sound kind of glamorous from the outside but today when I was calling an actor who was late to find out where he was it was just work. And mildly annoying.

On the other hand, I've never worked for a company that produced a product I loved and believed in as much as I love and believe in the Festivals. I still volunteer as much as I can even though I went back into software development.

That is fabulous. Because much as I love theatre I am starting to burn out a little. If I left I know I'd miss it, but that's better than staying and getting bitter. I'm not there yet, and I work hard at staying Zen to the craziness but we'll see.

On a different topic I find myself more and more intrigued by paganism as a faith. I'm sure there are oodles of places in the bay area I could go to explore, but I feel kind of shy without an introduction. How did you first find it?

I found it, first, by reading books. I practiced as a solitary Wiccan for years before I was ready to meet other witches. Even then, I was shy enough that I sat at a different table in the restaurant where our local Pagan discussion group met and just listened to the whole meeting before I decided to introduce myself and join them. (Some of the people who were at that meeting are now my oldest and dearest friends!)

I understand how hard it is to get started. One relatively safe place to meet Pagans is through Unitarian churches: many have local chapters of the Confraternity of Unitarian Universalist Pagans practicing in their spaces.

Hiyas. Just checking out your room.

hugs, kisses, a drink, and a cozy....is that real guacamole? <3 <3 <3

i wish it were easier to get decent avocadoes here. i cant imagine growing up without them. how did you cope!?

Re: hugs, kisses, a drink, and a cozy....is that real guacamole? <3 <3 <3

Well I never had an avocado just plain until I moved to CA, really I hadn't ever had guacamole either. So I had no idea what I was missing as a kid.

Hi beeker! I'll have a Coke, please.

I've always been meaning to ask you: how is life as a stage manager? I have a fair bit of experience acting, though I haven't done it in years (*sigh*) and I've wondered what it's like on the other side of the theatre profession.

I've been meaning to answer this for days. Mostly I still enjoy stage managing. There will never be anything like calling a show and the thrill that is. But if you've noticed in my recent posts I'm starting to think about a career change, mostly because it gets harder working a schedule that is so opposite of everyone else's. And also because the small annoying stuff does start to pile up.
Generally there's an odd discontect to stage managment - I'm not backstage with the cast and the crew, I give notes but am not really a manager in the traditional sense, and am not quite fully a staff member of the theatre and in the office everyday. You end up slightly outside of most things which I am good with but bothers some folks.

What I tell folks who ask me about it as a career is if you can be equally happy doing something else, do that instead Heh. But theatre is under my skin, so here I stay.

hellooooo! happy monday and happy birthday! remind me to buy you a drink

will you be able to come to the opera? we would love to have you: http://www.operasj.org/tix0708.html

(for dates and times)

Aw thanks lady!

I think I will be able to come to the Opera, I'm still waiting for news about our extenstion. Do you know do they do an exchange ticket thing (ie could I call up and say I work for TW and get a reciprocal comp or two?)

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