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January 10 of 12

It's about time.  I took pictures on the 12th (and 13th) of this month to finally play the 12 of 12 game.  (Alright the 10 out of 12 game - I was close.)  I was in tech for my current show so this one is highly theatre centric, and also entirely indoors.    Whooo - let the games begin.

This is the callboard - it's what everyone sees when they walk in the door.  Fun things like calendars, page breakdowns, and a check in sheet can be found here.

As I head out to where I'm going to work for tech, this is the view of the house from the stage.  Notice that the house is really wide, given that I cut off both sides with this photo, and the balcony.  If you look straight back to the right see the table with the two computer monitors...

Here's what it looks like behind it, welcome to the light designers table.  His space is rather tidy.  Also notice the few crew members setting up for rehearsal.

Then there's my table.  That's my call script front and center, with my laptop and printer to the right.  Notice I have two microphones, one lets me talk directly to backstage and no where else, and the one with the orange monkey is the god mic.  The odd black box with pull levers are my cue lights - when the switch is on it makes a rope light of a certain color light up backstage, putting the crew in standby.  When I pull the switch to off and the lights go off that is the 'go' for the crew.  There are also a variety of toys and things like my water bottle.

Here's a close up of my book - for each show every color of post it flag is its own thing.  For this show green=sound, blue=lights, and yellow=shifts.  This is the transition from I.6 into I.7 and you can see my notes about what I'm using as the cue to call things.

This is why tech makes my back hurt.  The tables are suspended over the backs of the seats, so actually sitting down into a seat puts me too low to work on the table, or see over it to the stage.  So instead we all have our padded butt boards that balance on the arm rests.  I usually end up sitting on mine, and putting the seat down as a foot rest.  But it still leaves you really far back from your working surface.  If anyone has good ergonomic ideas for this, holler.

Alright coming up is a sequence of three different shots of the stage, with three different sets.  The scenery moves a lot and John Wilson, the set designer, created a cool world.

Lecture Hall



Here's a shot of backstage left, notice the motor at the center bottom of the photo. 

So that's my 10 out of 12 for January, and my first photo post ever. 

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