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Get out of my head!

I  realized that I often write LJ entries in my head - while I'm out running for example - but never actually write them down.   Which is a little silly, since that would be the whole point.  I now resolve to make an effort to write more of them down, we'll see how that goes.   So here are one or two catch up things about my world.  I also need to make a theatre post.

Firstly, it was my birthday last week.  
So I rarely get my birthday off; I've actually been working on the day for the four years previous to this one.  Of course this year my birthday was also a holiday which is mildly annoying.  (That's a standard theatre rant.  When your only day off is Monday everyone else having their three day weekend being in your way is just annoying.  Go to work where you belong damn it!)  Anyway I was at J's and we slept in that morning, and then just hung out reading for a bit.  There was an exhibit at the SF MOMA that I really wanted to see so I drove us up to the museum for the afternoon.  It turns out we have a similar museum pace which was a good thing.  And the exhibit was totally worth the trip - very cool!  

Then we drove back down the peninsula and stopped to grocery shop.  At his place he started grilling and cooking, while I baked my own cake.  Then a few friends came over and we had a nice meal and again just hung out chatting for a while.  It was a quiet day which was perfect after the craziness of tech.  And while I felt a little guilt over not doing more since my birthday was a day off, I think it turned out just fine.  Really it made me happy, and isn't that the point?
Next up was the fun I had with my car on the most recent Monday.  (Thank God this wasn't my birthday.)  J and I had slept through his alarm - okay ,really he slept through his alarm, I had woken up but had no reason to move and was enjoying the cuddling.  So I was giving him a ride into work.  We got into the car and I turned the key.  The radio came on and various dashboard things lit up, but there was nothing else,  No attempt to turn over, not even a click.  
We tried jumping the car, which involved borrowing his roomate's keys to drive his car to where mine was parked, and luckily on the second try it did start.  So I drove J to work, and then drove home.  I parked my car and locked it, leaving it running because I was afraid it would die again.  I went inside to call my garage and explain the problem, they said to bring it on in.  I asked if they could do a minor service too so that I could only lose my car once right now and they said sure.  So I dropped the car off, got a rental from Hertz, and went about my day.  Late on Monday afternoon the garage called.  They were able to fix my driver's side window (YAY!), put in new windshield wipers and rebend mine straight, and I needed a new starter motor (boo!).  Also, something called the rear arm bushings were starting to crack which was bad but not dire yet.  Since the bushings were an extra $750 I agreed with the not dire and left that for another day.  They finished the car on Tuesday around noon, for $648, and I made the swap back.  

Other things to ponder from this experience:
1) I have actually been slightly ahead in the finance department for about the last month, and had been pondering if I should put something extra into savings or make one of the larger purchases that have been in the back of my brain, like a new HD tv or an actual couch (to upgrade from the futon).  But apparently I am fixing my car.  Hopefully I am enough ahead.
2) The car I rented was a Mazda 6 and it was really cute.  Though wow driving an automatic is weird to me these days, I kept stepping on a non-existent clutch.
3) It might be time to retire my car.  It is a 1996 Honda Civic and it was in an accident before I bought it.  The seller had disclosed that, and I had my at-the-time mechanic check over the car and they said it was a great deal.  But they checked the engine and not the body, because apparently the people who put the car back together kind of frankensteined it.  The back half of the car isn't square, in fact my current shop regularly asks me if it was a salvage title.  (Which it wasn't, but still.)  So between the bushings, and a cracked exhaust manifold that I won't be able to ignore much longer, I probably need to put $1000-1500 of work into this car this summer.  And as my mechanic pointed out, given that part of what they need to fix is in the jenky back of the car, he's a little worried about what else they might find.  I'm not really ready for car payments again, but it might be time to stop throwing money at this car.  We'll see.

I am also aware I owe photos of the finished tattoo - which I haven't had anyone take yet.  So I will get on that soonly.
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