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Oh my everloving God.
hit you

A direct quote from my director:  "I don't want to tell people what to do"



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Um, you think?

Also, I love your icon.

We could...buy him a copy of the OED?

Or maybe buy you a copy of the OED, and you could beat him to death with it...

I like the beating him to death with it. It was just so odd.

Another great icon!

please spare the OED. use Websters.

What? Please tell me this is a first-time director, because clearly there is a fundamental misunderstand as to the job description.

No, this is the founder of the company, our artistic director who had been directing for 35+ years. I think he may now have come out the other side of awareness as he has gotten older, and now he is trying to be nice to the point of utter uselessness.

I am enjoying everyone's WTF icons.

A director... who doesn't want to tell people what to do?

Uh huh. He does all the time actually, he just had a moment of insanity.

Another great icon.

*raises eyebrows* Seriously? Your director is in the wrong business...

What's amusing is of course he tells people what to do, all the time. Then he gets into these weird modes of stepping back and not wanting to impose. Gah.

He always seemed to have a few suggestions for me...

Maybe it's just end-of-the-season fatigue?


I think so, but it's gotten worse in the last year or two. I get that his plate is never empty, but he doesn't bounce back like he used to.

OMG, I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at that. Does he realize what his title is? Yipes.

With a little distance I agree that it's highly amusing. He's been generally unprepared for this show, my theory is he doesn't want to tell people what to do because he doesn't know what he wants them to do. I'm working on seeing the funny because it's more productive (and less likely to land me in jail) than strangling him.
*deep breath*

Just adding to the icon pile.

mousecatfish in my WTF icon says it all. (But doesn't she always?)

Re: Just adding to the icon pile.

yup. facepalm is what i was going to say....

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