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Alright, I arrived at the rehearal hall to start setting up for the day, and I just clenched.  I have let this show get to me to the point where I am psychsomatically getting frustrated just by walking in the door.  So I am going to improve my mood by sharing with all of you the one joke that is guaranteed to make me laugh.  Now, this isn't a great joke.  If I'm in a really good mode I will maybe chuckle at this joke.  But if I am overtired, or hugely frustrated, or having an awful day, this joke makes me guffaw.  There are two parts.

Part I
Q:  Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

A:  Because it was dead.


Part II
Q:  Why did the chicken fall out of the tree?

A:  Because it was stapled to the monkey!

*laughs hysterically*  I have spent an hour in a parking lot late at night after some show debating the attachment method in re: chicken to monkey.  Staples have always won (though if you're doing a lighting call safety chaining the chicken to the monkey is also acceptable).

I hope other people find this amusing.  Have a great weekend everyone who is getting one.

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