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Quote of the day from the director:  "I don't know the music well enough to say..."  

Really, right now I would like to spend an entire day with everyone around me staying absolutely silent, to counteract the world of 'quietly' chatting offstage actors I live in right now.   All six of the under 13 cast members are here right now which makes it louder, but really the adults aren't any better.

This week is going relatively well still, we're working back through the show and adding detail and talking about motivations which makes actors happy.  Of course, we're also adding a lot of props, and trying occasionally to tech something out specifically which really should wait until we're onstage.  The seven hours of meetings in addition to rehearsal this week have wiped me out, I really wish my weekend were starting now.  Oh well, at least I have NCAA basketball to follow to entertain myself.  (Go Badgers!)
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