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this is fun
 From puppetmaker40
Rules: Post 3 things you've done that you believe nobody else on your F-list has done. See if anybody else responds with "I've done that." 

1.  I worked third shift in a pickle factory.

2.  I jumped a turnstile inside the Paris underground to get to a train.

3.  I have gone to see a movie in the theatre and ended up being the only person there.  I still stayed for the credits.  
(Actually this has happened to me twice: Princess Mononoke and Magnolia)

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I loved Princess Mononoke. One thing I'm fairly certain that nobody on my flist has done is that I dealt blackjack at a casino. It was a charity casino for the three weeks of the Canadian National Exhibition the summer before I started undergrad in the summer of 1991. It was the first year they had a casino. I spent several weeks going through training where they weeded out the people who couldn't cut it. It was kind of like a reality-TV show (years before they started). I became the guy they brought in to turn a table around (when the table was losing too much money).

That is really cool. I don't think I could handle dealing blackjack - too much pressure.

It was an interesting job. Each hours worked was broken into 45 minutes work and 15 minutes break because after 45 minutes, it becomes really hard to concentrate. Of course, I often ended up playing chess during my breaks, but that's a different kind of thinking. It wasn't so much pressure, just a lot of math to be done quickly (adding up a players score and telling them) and concentration. You can put pressure on the players by dealing quickly which requires you to tell them their score as fast as possible. Of course, it's only imagined pressure because nothing is preventing them from taking their time making a decision, but when you've already handled several people in only a minute or two, they feel pressured into making a decision quickly. That's how you can turn around a losing table, by pressuring people into decisions.

That makes sense, the less you think about your game the more likely you are to do silly things. The math of it would actually be part of the fun for me, I've always enjoyed playing with numbers.

The one time I was in Vegas I remember seeing dealers change and wondered if it was just for breaks or if there were more nefarious purposes.

It can be both. If the table is consistently losing, they will try to put one of their "better" dealers on to try to turn things around. That said, they don't usually change dealers until it is their break.

I have gone to see a movie in the theatre and ended up being the only person there.

Me too. It was a great way to see a movie.

Edited at 2008-06-27 11:40 am (UTC)

I kind of thought that one might get a me too. I loved it both times - it's just fabulous to have a whole theatre to yourself. After Princess Mononoke I actually stood up and shouted a thank you back to the projection booth.

Does it count if you went to the movies with someone and you were the only two people there? If so, I've done that.

Half credit. There may not have been any strangers around but it's still a little different than being totally alone.

3. I don't think I was ever the only person - but there's been a time or two when it's been me and only one or two others (once they were the people who came with me - does that count? Half credit?)

1. My mom worked at a Lays potato chip factory once during college! It's where she taught herself to whistle without using her fingers. (The really LOUD kind of whistle, not typical whistling) She said she was up all by herself in this sort of a loft and kinda bored so she'd practice placing her tongue and lips in the right position and blowing. Once in a while it would work and a WHISTLE! would come out. Everyone would look around and so she'd act like she was looking around, too.

2. She and my dad also hitchhiked across Germany!! (Not the entire country, just from one town to another, 'cause they missed the bus and wanted to catch up with their friends.

When they couldn't get a ride, they walked along the autobahn, singing songs, mostly from different musicals! It's like a movie. A really sappy romantic comedy movie.

I've asked "And you didn't know you were in love by then?"
She says, "No! I'd only met him the week before! We barely knew each other. I just thought he was a friend. Becoming a friend."

Sadly I didn't really teach myself anything at the pickle factory, other than being very happy to go back to college because I did not want to do that job for the rest of my life.

Aww that is really sweet. How fun that they have a "meet cute" story like that to tell.

2. I jumped a turnstile inside the Paris underground to get to a train.

I actually had to do that because I was on a train and couldn't get out at my stop, but the person i was with did, so i had to go to the next stop and jump the turnstile to get in line to take the next 'train' back a stop. CRAZY.

In Paris? When were you in Paris?

Yeah, back in October of 2001 when I went to London we went to Paris for 2 days. My first experience there was getting stuck in the train when i needed to get out, then jumping a turnstyle to get the other direction, because I didn't have another token or ticket thinggie nor local currency.

Well damn. I thought I would manage to be the only person to have done that.

Well I can say I had never done it when i met you... does that help?

s'okay. I could have pulled something from stage management that no one else could possibly have done (kicking Neil Patrick Harris out of backstage during intermission) but I was trying to pick things that could maybe have come up. Just means I got burned on two of them.

You are so lucky! You got to talk to Doogie/ Barnie. talk about polar opposite characters....

i've done none of those things. but kudos to you!

Close, but no cigar to my: I worked 2nd shift in a biscuit factory. It made the biscuits for all the McDonalds in the midwest. I couldn't stand the smell of biscuits for a year afterward.

Yeah, I didn't eat any pickles at all for a long time.

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