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 During my recent time off I watched a lot of movies.  It is a strage thing when you're watching a movie that has an iconic moment in it that you know from pop culture or having seen homages of, but haven't ever seen in context.  Redrum in The Shining for example, or the chest bursting alien in Aliens, or the camera work and lighting in Persona.  It's oddly distracting - I like having context for the moments, but I find myself losing the thread of the movie briefly to enjoy or notice 'the moment'.

I also have a question for the group.  When watching DVDs of movies that came out years ago there are times you end up with a choice between the theatrical release, and the director's cut.  Most of these I'm only going to watch once unless I fall completely in love with the movie, but which one should I see?  I can see pros and cons on both sides - the theatrical version is what most people will have seen given that they bought tickets to it, - the director's cut lets him/her give you exactly the movie they intended. 
I present a poll so that you can weigh in:

Poll #1215600 director or theatrical

If I'm only going to watch the movie once, which version should I see?

theatrical version
director's cut
ummm, which one is shorter?
depends on the movie and the director
watch the ticky!!
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