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Things I know (SF 1/2 marathon edition)
Things I know about today:

-4:15am is too early to ever wake up
-Driving north on 101 I saw this lovely glow and thought the sun was coming up, then I realized it was just San Francisco.
-The 280North to 6th street exit is one of the few overpasses that still terrifies me.
-Event parking with bathrooms is the best idea.  No waiting for porta-poties.
-The wave starts were not as well organized as they could have been.  I ended up starting ten minutes later than I was supposed to.
-I went out faster than I had planned, though the pace felt good.  Then there were hills.
-Running across the golden gate bridge is awesome.    It's also fun when the drivers on the bridge start honking their horns.
-At mile ten I checked my watch and did some math with my pace and realized I should still be able to beat 2:20 (last 1/2 was 2:23:11) which became my new goal.
-Did I mention the hills?  I mean yes, San Francisco so duh, but there were a lot of up and down hills in the last three miles.  It got to the point that every time I started running downhill I got sad, because I was fairly certain that meant I was going to have to run back uphill shortly.
-i finished in 2:19:53.
-I have to be to work at noon, after getting off work at 10pm last night.  Fitting a half marathon into the middle of a five show weekend is more than the average amount of crazy.
-I have a two hour break between shows today.  My brain is already at war over what will be more important at that time: food or sleep.  I think food will win, but we'll see in four hours.

So the details just for me.

Sleep:  i started getting up a little earlier every day as of Wednesday.  Because I couldn't really go to sleep much earlier (show) I also started taking naps as of Thursday so that I wasn't missing too much sleep.   Friday night I slept for ~7hrs, I took a 90 minute nap Sat afternoon, Sat night I slept 5 hours (+ at least 30 minutes of lying in bed quietly).

Food:  Friday normal breakfast, pasta with tomatoes and garlic, a salad, and ice cream for lunch, falafel and broccoli for dinner, a hardboiled egg and crackers for a late night snack.  Saturday breakfast:  english muffin w/ PB and milk, mid-morning: banana, lunch:  grilled cheese and a salad, mid-afternoon: raspberries, dinner: fettucine alfredo w/ chicken and broccoli from pasta pomodoro.  No late night snack.

Race morning:  Toast w/ PB, a hard boiled egg, 16 oz water at 4:25.  Another 16oz water on the drive up to SF.  1/2 a PB power bar and ~8oz water at 5:50 (arrival at start line). 

Race:  2.5 - cyto, 4.8 gu and water, 7.5 cyto and water, 9.7 cyto and water, 11 gu and water

Clothes - long-sleeved green shirt, black sports bra, running shorts, white hat, glove liners, sunglasses.  I probably could have changed the glass in the sunglasses to clear, I only wore them on the bridge and then it was more for wind issues than sun.  The long sleeves were fine, especially since it stayed overcast the whole time I was running.

Things I did differently and reactions:
protein the night before - the chicken was yummy and I didn't particularly notice a boost from or an issue with it, so I think I will keep this
Nothing but water pre-race:  usually i have powerade before I start.  I think with the breakfast / power bar combo I didn't need the extra calories, and since I haven't started sweating yet there isn't anything to replace.  This seemed good but will depend on my food intake on the day.
Breakfast and power pre-race:  Fabulous!  Either one wouldn't have been enough calories, especially taking into account the drive time between waking up and starting.
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Congratulations on the pace and finishing a half marathon, along with everything else. You should feel accomplished.

My vote is for food.

Thanks so much. I am surprisingly less sore than I thought I would be at the end of the day, though I'm about to go ice my knee again.

I ended up splitting the difference, I slept for 45 minutes and then got food.

(Deleted comment)

and I love that icon.

That explains why I didn't see you on the bridge. 4:14:02 was my time -- I faded after about 22. I kept my under 9-minute mile pace until then, though! So I think if there's a next time, I will do serious LONG training so that I don't peter out with under 5 miles to go.

Go, us! PRs for us both! (Even if mine's an only, not just a best)

Yeah, I was still looking for you on the bridge - but hoping I wouldn't find you. I had looked your time up online about when I was typing this entry - for a first marathon that is fabulous. And way to go sticking to your pace as well as you did. The hill up to the bridge destroyed me for a while, I ran close to my planned pace from about 7 miles to the end.

I remember a friend who marathons saying that what she needed to practice was miles 22-26, sadly you can only really do that by running 22 miles first.

Yay us indeed! We both rocked this race - and your time is still a PR, you don't have to specify to anyone that it's an only.

i have to say i'm impressed you can run so far, i'm pretty sure i couldn't make it with *any* time, much less in under 2:20.

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