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summer tv wrap up

The new fall tv season is kicking off, but before I get swamped under new and returning shows I thought I'd do a quick recap on what I was watching new this summer.  Mostly, I want to find out who else I can talk to while we wait to find out these shows' fate.

The Middleman:  I'm sure you've seen it places other than here, but this show rocks!  I tried it because I had read the comic, but it is fabulous on tv.  The writing is wonderful, it is incredibly well cast, and I adore that the little headline titles are practically their own character.  If you didn't watch you should, as soon as you can find the episodes.  Please, please, please let there be a season two.

In Plain Sight:  This was decent.  I was drawn into the story, and while I really didn't like some of the characters (I was waiting for Mom and little Sis to get kicked out of the house already) I was always curious to see what they would do.  If it never comes back, I'll be okay with that - it felt to me like they finished the story and I'm not dying to see what happens next.  I'm not sure I would have watched it in the busier fall season, but it was nice.

Swingtown:  As far as I can tell I am the only person on my flist who watched this.  Which is too bad because it's really, really good!  I mean sure threesomes on CBS are amusing, but even more so they created incredibly strong characters from different points on the liberal-conservative spectrum (mostly about who to sleep with but there were some social issues in there too) and then threw them together to watch the sparks.  The 70's never feel like that long ago, hell I was alive for most of them, but watching it from an adult perspective I realized how much was still changing socially.  I really want to know what happens next for all of these characters (well, Laurie can just disappear into her senior year because she's annoying) and am hoping that someone picks this up for another season.

Flashpoint:  I really wanted to love this series mostly for Enrico.  And I like it well enough, it's a decent procedural.  But this won't be appointment tv for me as my tivo gets busier.

That's it for the new summer shows I watched.  Was there anything not on my list that I should not have missed?
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I really like Flashpoint.

I saw your posts when you were first pimping Flashpoint but for some reason it's just not grabbing me. I don't plan to delete it off my tivo, but I don't think it'll be first on my list of things to watch either.

I adore that the little headline titles are practically their own character.
The chyron humor slays me.

I had to stop multi-tasking during the show for fear of missing any.

we liked swingtown too, and also don't care about the children's plotlines.
in plain sight was fun, and we will likely pick up a second season if there is one.
flashpoint was...well done, and could grow up to be compelling, but so far is still hanging tightly onto the formula, which is rather off-putting.
never heard of the middleman...

we also are jumping onto true blood whole hog. also getting tasted this fall, fringe, which seems familiar on paper, but i can't place it.
i've also grabbed primeval, though J believes it is way too silly for words.
he's also excited about life on mars, we're both curious about eleventh hour, and i am cautiously optimistic about castle.

The Middleman is on ABC family so it got missed by a lot of folks but if they rerun it it's worth looking into. It's silly intelligent fun.
See that's how I felt about Flashpoint, it has the bones of a great show but right now it's just okay.

I don't get any pay channels so no True Blood for me. I'm also trying out Fringe, and am planning to start Life even though I missed last season. I'm cautiously optimistic about Life on Mars, but the recent track record of British tv series going American is kind of against it.

I tried to watch all of those and just couldn't get into any of them. I wanted to love Flashpoint for Enrico too and for Toronto sites I could recognize (yeah, I'm a dork!)...but it didn't happen.

The only summer shows I watch are on basic cable. I LOVE Burn Notice, Psych and The Closer.

It's disappointing when you want to really love a show and then it just doesn't work.

Burn Notice is so, so good. I haven't ever tried Psych, but I am getting done with Monk and have been thinking of checking out Psych instead. Their commercials make me laugh.

(Deleted comment)
I agree that both In Plain Sight and Flashpoint are good summer shows. Not something I'd go out of my way to watch when my tivo is busier, but decent enough when nothing else is on.

I think I remember seeing a Swingtown post somewhere. Now that you mention it the actress playing Laurie does look a little odd, and I couldn't ever get into her character. Maybe that was why. Ooh when you get caught up you'll see they did a bit more with the drunk lady's daughter, I actually really liked what they did with the whole crush between her and BJ. There is at least one cliff-hangery bit in the finale, it's part of the reason I really want to know what happens next.

I am a recent convert to The Middleman but I have seen all the episodes and I just love it. I think the little subheadings were actually what sold me on the show in my early viewings.

I'm a little ashamed to admit it but the only episode of In Plain Sight was the one with Percy Daggs in it. I am still supporting Wallace.

Yeah the subtitles are brilliant. I'm glad you converted!

I only started watching Flashpoint for Enrico, and Burn Notice for Bruce Campbell. There is no shame in following actors. Percy was really good in his ep too.

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