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Internal tug-o-war

I have seen various people on my flist declaring their intention to play therealljidol this year.  I started following the competition midway through the last season and really enjoyed everything I read. 

So, I'm debating joining in myself.  It would be good to start writing again, and to have a structure in place to keep me writing.  But I am concerned that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the time commitment of weekly, if not more often, essays.  I occasionally lose a week in LJ-land.  I always catch back up, but losing a week won't be an option if I'm playing.  Realistically even if I keep up with the essays I'm not sure I'd have time to hang out in the green room and participate in all of the social parts of the game, which seem like a lot of the fun.

I'll gladly take any advice or opinions from the crowd.  I've got until Friday to figure this out.

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Why not participate in the "home version"? Which is really just writing the essays and not submitting them for votes.

I joined the "real" version, simply because I know that I won't participate unless I'm pushed with a deadline.

That's not a bad idea. Then if I get overwhelmed and miss a week it won't be so bad. Do you know do I need to declare myself somewhere to play the home game, or just start?

From the FAQ's:

What is the Home Game? Will there be a place to put Home Game entries?

"The Home Game" is the term used by people not participating who still want to write on the topics and post them for people to see. You would just post a link either in the "home game" thread or the Green Room.

So, if you join the community (or at least watch the community), you can post your "Home Game" entries in the Home Game posts or in the Green Room posts.

Thanks for looking that up for me, and for linking it. I think I will be writing for certain, but I am still debating fully joining versus the home game. Like you, I think I might need the deadlines for motivation.

I joined the community earlier this week to keep up with everything else going on whether I play or not, so that is done at least. Thanks for the advice.

Do it! Do it!

Participating in the Green Room really isn't necessary. Fun, but not necessary.

If you don't like it, you could always drop...

::whispers:: do it do it do it do it

Heh. Little do you know, whispery 'do its' are one of my downfalls. It looked like fun when you did it last season, and I met several cool people through following you into the idol world and reading entries.

I am stubborn enough I would be unlikely to drop if I join, which would probably be good for me. Realistically I don't think I'll get that far anyway (this is what I am telling myself) so the time commitment wouldn't be that overwhelming right?

Thanks for the advice, and I will continue to ponder. Also, I really like your idol icon.


I can give you the perspective of someone who was a "home game" player and then a competitor (remember I got drafted mid season in a plot twist). It's a lot more fun when you're playing. And I pushed myself more and I wrote better.

And one post a week. You can do that. ;)

That's what I keep telling myself. Only one post a week.

I remember you switching from the home game to a full competitor. I enjoyed reading your stuff both before and after, but it makes sense that being all of the way 'in it' is different.

Deadline is Friday to enter. So you have some time to think about it.

I know you'd enjoy it. :)

I have put it in my brain as Thursday night because that is what noon Eastern equals in my second-shift west-coast life. But I am leaning towards yes.

Then I am leaning toward Yay!

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