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All Night Long
winchesters b&w

Yay for Supernatural being back!  Before I squee about the episode (briefly) I have an announcement to make.  I know most of the fandom identifies as either a Deangirl or a Samgirl, but I've always stayed mostly neutral on the subject.  I can't stay neutral anymore, it's time for me to declare officially:
I'm a Bobby girl.

Don't get me wrong the boys are great and attractive and wonderful.  But I want to put Bobby in my pocket and take him home.  The repeated "It's been a hard few months" made me want to smish him.  And the Holy Water - ha! 

Overall I really enjoyed the episode.  I whispered to myself "he's an angel" just before Castiel said it, and I love this turn the mythology is taking.  Season 4 - bring it on.

A random thought - when I saw the new title card with the wings I immediately thought of issue #8 of the comic book Sandman titled "The sound of her wings".  The 'her' in the title is death.  There's probably no connection but it made me briefly go 'ooooh'.

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Ooh, I didn't even think of Sandman. Wings! I also didn't make the wings connection until now.

Christopher Walken totally turned into a bunch of crows in The Prophecy and it was awesome.

I'm really hoping they were using a murder of crows as the visual, mostly because that is the coolest collective noun ever.

Christopher Walken is always awesome.

(Deleted comment)
That was my favorite moment of the whole episode. They were both so matter of fact about it.

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