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All Night Long

Yay for Supernatural being back!  Before I squee about the episode (briefly) I have an announcement to make.  I know most of the fandom identifies as either a Deangirl or a Samgirl, but I've always stayed mostly neutral on the subject.  I can't stay neutral anymore, it's time for me to declare officially:
I'm a Bobby girl.

Don't get me wrong the boys are great and attractive and wonderful.  But I want to put Bobby in my pocket and take him home.  The repeated "It's been a hard few months" made me want to smish him.  And the Holy Water - ha! 

Overall I really enjoyed the episode.  I whispered to myself "he's an angel" just before Castiel said it, and I love this turn the mythology is taking.  Season 4 - bring it on.

A random thought - when I saw the new title card with the wings I immediately thought of issue #8 of the comic book Sandman titled "The sound of her wings".  The 'her' in the title is death.  There's probably no connection but it made me briefly go 'ooooh'.
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