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A question about continuity
jared huh

I have a question for the Doctor Who / Torchwood fans on my list.

I watched season one of Who (oh, Eccleston) in two days over Christmas of 2006.  I had season two but wanted to gulp it again and kept not having time for that so I put it off. 

I bought season one of Torchwood as a birthday present to myself this year and just finished watching it over the last month or so with J and his roomate Chad.  Chad had seen the occasional early Who episode on PBS growing up and J had no background at all, so I filled in the few blanks I could and we just enjoyed.  (Mind you, I still haven't seen season two of Who.)

Chad enjoyed them so much he went out and bought season two of Torchwood, as well as season one and two of Doctor Who.  And due to the wonders of the TiVo with huge amounts of storage and Sci Fi having a good rerun schedule all of season three is currently sitting there quietly waiting to be watched.

*takes a deep breath*

So the question - what do we watch next? 

I would love to re-watch season one of Who, and am pushing for us to clear all of the Who before going back to Torchwood to try and put things back in order.  But I think the boys are more interested in continuing with Torchwood since that's where they've started.  How much will that screw us understanding what is going on, if at all? 

What do you, gentle reader, recommend?

*posts this realizing that the lack of any appropriate Dr Who / Torchwood icon must be remedied shortly*

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Personally, I would want to do it your way - mainline all the Who and then jump into Torchwood. But, since they started there and want to continue, you really can, I think, watch the second season of Torchwood without seeing any Who. It really is more of it's own show in the second series, and I think that if they liked the first series out of context, it probably won't be bad to go on with the second one as well.

I think that Torchwood benefits from knowing certain things in Who canon (especially from the end of the 3rd series on), but it's not essential.

(I think my bias is more toward Who just because I love Who so much.)

I would always rather do things in order, but it's good to know Torchwood could stand on its own.

I think I'll use the fact that I squeed when I could hear the TARDIS in the TW season finale and both of them looked at me blankly having no idea what it was to make my point. heh.

I fully intend to see all of it eventually.

Ok. I just did this.

I was told to watch season one of Dr. Who, then Season one of Torchwood, then season 2 of Dr. Who.

That was wrong. I'm not permanently injured or anything, but that's not the way it should have gone, and it will make a tiny bit of difference.

Watch Season one of Who, then Season 2 of Who then Season one of Torchwood.

Yes, they were filmed as season 1&2 of DW and then season 1 of Torchwood so the stories follow that progression. Season 3 of Doctor Who fits in before season 2 of Torchwood. However, season 2 is more independent (I think) than season 1 was.

I figured out the order they filmed in (thank you for confirming) so that is what I am pushing the boys toward.

Hopefully the Dr Who DVDs will arrive soon so that we have all the options at our fingertips.

Watch season 1, 2, and 3 of Doctor Who first and then go back to season 2 of Torchwood. Season 1 of Torchwood ends with Jack disappearing taking off in the Tardis. That relates to stuff that happens in Doctor Who so it's best to watch that before continuing. That said, it won't make much difference since the only real cross-over after season 2 of DW is Jack.

I usually tell people to watch seasons 1 and 2 of Doctor Who, then season 1 of Torchwood, then season 3 of DW, and then season 2 of Torchwood. Tosh has a brief appearance in season 1 of Doctor Who (I think it's season 1) as a doctor.

Using only DW icon (Rose) because she was my favourite companion.

Amusingly - at the end of Season 1 of Torchwood I clapped and was happy as I heard the Tardis and the boys had no idea what it was. So I plan to use that as ammunition to get them to watch Who next.

I wasn't certain how huge the crossover was which is what I was checking with you guys, it's good to know we haven't missed something huge. But I'd much rather get back in order.

I'd say watch Who before Torchwood S2 - there's a guest character in TW borrowed from Season 3 of Who, and it's a big enough appearance that I think it works better if you know the history. Then again, a lot of people watch Torchwood without ever watching Who. (TW S2 is much more addictive and fun than S3 and 4 of Who, if you ask me!) I guess if continuity and backstory is more important, watch Who first; if general squee and excitement is more important, go for TW.

I'm so excited that you're watching this stuff :) I may be a little obsessed.

It might be a battle, I'm much more concerned about the continuity and the backstory and I think the boys are in it for the excitement. Maybe I'll have to hide the Torchwood S2 DVDs to get my way.

I already know about the guest character who gets borrowed, the problems with spending too much time on the interwebs before ever watching the shows. But I'm trying hard not to spoil them so in order would be easier.

You could always tell them you're saving the best for last ;)

even if jack is the big draw, i would recommend taking the time to watch the dw, because they mostly bring jack back for finales, so while you could get all your jack story by watching the xover episodes only of the intervening dw seasons, you'd basically be spoiling your dw season-watching. but if y'all weren't teething on dw in the first place, tw really is pretty well its own animal, so theres no reason to rabidly watch dw before you continue on with jack. the xover bits are mostly independent of the regular tw plotlines, they just affect some of jack's character development.

I think the boys would be happy to finish Torchwood first, but I really want to follow Jack's arc as it was intended. I'll have to see what I can do to convince them of that.

You really need to see through the end of Season 3 of Who before you start Season 2 of Torchwood if you're invested in Jack's story.

Edited at 2008-09-25 12:18 pm (UTC)

That is a huge part of the draw for me, now I just have to convince the boys.

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