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Yes, this is the second Monday I'm writing a post with the title 'a day off'.  But it is my day off, and therefore a good day for catching up on things and updating.  Maybe next Monday I'll get more creative with the subject line.  Anyway...

- I ran ten miles this morning.  This is the first long run I've done since my race in July that didn't feel like plodding.  The area just above my right hip is still tight, and it's in a difficult spot to stretch.  But it doesn't hurt, mostly I'm just aware of it.

- I haven't heard anything back about last week's interview yet.

- I made it through the first elimination of LJ Idol - though I was in the bottom five of the polling in my tribe the whole weekend.  This had me fairly freaked out on Saturday but I have regained a sense of balance about the whole thing.  After all, it is just a game.  So my goal this week is to get one more vote than I did last week.  Hopefully that will also keep me in the game ; ), but either way it's more sane.  This week's topic had me completely stumped when I saw it, and now I've had mutliple ideas.  So I've been jotting down notes and tomorrow I'll have to pick one and roll with it.

- In another 'it's only a game' moment - why oh why did both of my football teams fall apart in the fourth quarter this past weekend?  'Watching' games on the computer is annoying enough when we're winning, but when the opponent's score just keeps going up and I've got no real reference for what else is going on (I didn't know Aaron Rodgers got injured until several hours after the game) it is frustrating.

- It's tech week - woo.  The runthru on Sunday was 20 minutes shorter than last weeks which is a very good thing.

- I did convince the boys to watch Doctor Who season one.  I'm having fun re-watching those episodes, and we're one disk away from moving on into season two where everything will be new to me too. 
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