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I'm having some trouble settling in to work today and I have an update-y post bouncing around in my brain so maybe if I get this out then I can focus on work.

-I was voted out of <lj user="therealLJIdol"> this past week.  I had been skating close to the edge for a few weeks and knew I was close to the limit of where I could go, for two reasons.  One is simply a numbers game, LJ is my only social media account and at least 90% of who I know here that is still active is also playing, or has played, Idol.  Without voters from outside the game - friends, family, whoever clicks over from facebook (not sure if that's been happening this season or not) - it's going to be nearly impossible to win.  Which is part of the game, and I choose to stay off the book of face and other places so this isn't me whining, just pointing out a reality.  Two, the entry that I got voted out on was only good.  I've been lucky to hit a run of ideas the last month or so for topics that sparked, that needed to be written down and fussed over, that I could hand to someone with no explanation of Idol or the prompt and would still have some life (if I do say so myself - YMMV).  Those have all made it through.  What I wrote for 'Tool Box' was the best I had out of a myriad of half-started ideas, the only one good enough that I didn't get stuck two paragraphs in, and I had fun with it.  I worked to make it stand alone, but really without 'Canard' there wasn't a need for it.  And at this stage of the game, that doesn't cut it.  I've been playing since season 5 (though I've never made it to the mini-seasons) and this is the furthest I've ever gone, I've never been in the top 20 before.  So I'm quite proud and happy with what I've done.  Idol forces my brain to move in ways that don't get used so often anymore, and for that I am infinitly grateful.

-I went in for my lung function test last week.  Essentially they give you repeated small doses of a drug and then do breath tests to see if you react.  At the third dose, I reacted.  As my pulminologist put it on the phone the next day "Wow you aced that test.  A++, the results could not have been clearer."  So, I have asthma.  No idea why I have asthma now though I have some theories.  I'm taking singular (or the generic) in the evenings and in inhaler in the morning and have a follow up appointment in a month and we'll work to get this managed.  Why do I always get the interesting medical issues?

-The high temps have been in the upper 80s-90s for over a week.  I work from home and we have no AC.  We have a system of fans set up that works, but I would like it to be less hot.  Oh well, I'm making peanut butter ice cream later today as a reward for surviving the heat.  So there are positives.

-Interesting things may be coming at work.  I travel to PGH next week so our whole department is in one place for us to figure some of this out.  Ever since the move to CO I've been really bad at change - apparently that one giant change (that is still harder than I ever thought it would be) has left me scurrying for the safety of routine and the way it is everywhere else.  So we'll see how all of this goes.

-I pulled out varies skeins of yarn yesterday, several of which I had matched to patterns ages ago.  I haven't been knitting or crocheting at all in months, the heat is part of that but I've also not been interested.  It would be good to get started again.  I pulled out a gorgeous yarn, needles, and a pattern that go together so here's hoping I can get a start.

All right, back to work.

stuff and nonsense

- Camping this past weekend with the kids went well.  I forget sometimes how much kids just want adult attention (and food and sleep and the like), though I get a little overwhelmed after a while.  But they were really good when Aunt Beeker needed a few minutes and then glommed back on when I returned.  We needed two cars to fit everything which meant I got to drive by myself which was lovely - except for the traffic.  Over half an hour to travel four miles up a 6% grade in first gear the entire time is not relaxing.

- For LJ Idol this week we had to write on two topics Canard and Tool Box.  For Canard I had the idea early and was able to get it written before camping.  Amusingly the nephew wanted to do a round of story telling around the campfire Saturday night so I ended up telling them the canard fable as best as I could remember it.  He didn't quite follow it (the tropes aren't so ingrained at 8) but my mother-in-law and husband gasped very satisfyingly at the first twist.  Tool Box I ended up writing after midnight on Sunday, and then revising heavily the next day.  I had a lot of vague ideas throughout the week, but none that sparked enough to become words on a page.  In any case there is a live poll this week divided by topic.

Week 24: read and comment and vote

- I was on the waiting list for Denver Center of the Performing Arts Broadway subscription this year, but they called Friday and we're in.  A large part of the reason for the wait list is the thing I'm super excited about, we now have tickets to Hamilton when the tour comes to town.  Funny how that tour is jumping subscription rates everywhere it stops (since it's the only way to guarantee a seat).  I hope all the companies are making good use of that cash, and planning for the likely fall-off the year after.

- We finished season 5 of Samurai Jack.  I liked how it ended and am glad that Genndy Tartakovsky came back to write his version of the end.  If you've never seen SamJack, it's one of the more unusal cartoons out there.  The visuals are stunning, and there are entire episodes with no words just images.  They really worked at the boundaries of what cartoons can do.  I was introduced to it while working on Pacific Overatures because Mako (the original reciter on Broadway) was the original voice of the villain Aku.  It's well worth trying if you've never seen it.

LJI:24 tool box

***This week we each had to write two pieces for Idol.  Mine are best read in this order: canard, then tool box.***

Thomas walked home slowly, nodding to everyone he saw, holding the small cage in front of him like a jewel. He had tricked the grey witch had bought the enchanted bird to be his wife.  Once at this father’s house he went straight to his room, closed the door and all the windows and pulled the drapes.   He opened the cage door and stood back with his arms wide, ready to receive the embrace of the grateful woman in blue.  Instead the thrush flew out of the cage to the top of a sconce, and sang a lovely tune.  Thomas was certain that being away from the grey witch would be all the help his near-wife needed to revert to her perfect form, and left the bird closed in his room as he went about his day.

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stuff and nonsense

I keep composing LJ posts in my head but not writing them down.  It's time to try to fix that, again.

- I have a letter (partially) published in the back of Paper Girls issue 14.  It's the one I wrote with my SASE to get my American Newspaper Delivery Guild card, which I received and carry in my wallet, so it wasn't particularly deep or thoughtful.  But I'm still tickled after all of these years reading comic books to see my name in one.

- I tweaked a muscle in my hip a few weeks ago.  After as I was updating my training log and saw how I had jumped my mileage for the week and a half previously I was not surprised - I know better and it was an idiot thing to do.  The hip is better, now the tightness all seems to be at the very top of my hamstring and quad on the right side.  I'm still mostly on the elliptical and walking, though I started back at zumba class this week.  Trying to find the balance between healing and being sedentary.

- Along the same lines I took a workshop at a local yoga studio this past weekend called "heal your psoas".  The psoas is a muscle deep in your core-ish that connects your spine and your femur.  It was interesting, the movement was challenging, and I think it is part of the underlying issue of my right hip/glute having been tight for years.  Sadly one class can't fix that, but hopefully I'm gathering good tools.

- There are some issues to working remotely that never occurred to me.Collapse )

- My cough is almost gone, seven months later.  I really like the pulmonologist I met with, and need to email him (per his request) next to send an update.  I've got a lung stress test scheduled for next week which I'm not certain I still need.  But at least if that all starts again I already have a relationship and won't have to wait through the new patient queue.

- I'm still in Idol which is an honor at this point, especially given how many amazing writers have left.  We get to write two entries this week, due on Monday.  My time is going to be limited because this weekend we have J's 8 yr old nephew and 5 yr old niece in town.  The plan is to take them, and J's mom, camping Sat-Sun which will be fun - but also cuts into my writing time.  I have one vague idea that I like but don't love, and nothing at all for the other topic.   Hrmmm... might be time to take a cup of coffee/tea outside and not come back in until I have an idea.  Surprisingly that's worked at least twice this time around.

LJI:20 Open topic

As Band of Sisters trickled into their home base, they were very discouraged.

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***It's time for the infamous Open Topic at LJIdol.  Several years ago I was voted out just before the topic "Captcha the Flag" was used, and I've had this story idea in my head ever since.  Find other takes at the link.***
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