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new (to me) desktop

To finish the computer story from earlier this week, J was able to get my old hard drive installed into a new tower and with a reinstall of windows - I have a desktop computer again.  It's been interesting becuase I keep stumbling across things that aren't on this new machine, like flashplayer, since J just covered the basic functions.  I'm kind of enjoying it actually, knowing for certain what is and isn't on the computer and deciding what to add.  I also have to keep looking up passwords since none of those saves have transferred.  I want to spend part of a day just playing, but we have plans to go out into the world today so it'll have to keep.

Happy Saturday everyone!


I got home yesterday and went to my computer to do one quick thing, and then I had an evening of mostly leisure planned.  I have been setting the computer to sleep during the day so I turned the monitor back on and hit the space bar.  Nothing.
I swished the mouse.
I hit ctrl-alt-del.
I took a very large breath and tried not to panic.  I manually shut the tower down, then back on.
I manually shut the tower down, toggled the actual power switch, checked all of the connections between the screen and the tower, unplugged any unneccessary things.  I let it sit.  I turned everything back on.

At this point I moved on to my leisure activities because all the freaking out in the world wouldn't fix anything.  J came home and I asked him in case there was some totally obvious thing I had missed.  Nope.  (J works with computers for a living.  As such he knows many things which is awesome.  And as such I usually feel a little bad about asking for computer help when he's at home because it's what he's done all day [well these days more with software and coding than actual hardware])

J unplugged my tower and opened it up, pulling the hard drive and some other things.  He was able to transfer all of my documents (including my resume file which was the point last night) to this laptop, and has a spare tower around that he's going to try to put the hard drive in.

He is my hero. 

I said "thank you" as many times as I could without it losing meaning.  I feel like I owe him cookies or something. 

It's weird to have breakfast next to the laptop in the living room instead of at my desk.

Also, when was the last time you backed up your files?