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January 10 of 12

It's about time.  I took pictures on the 12th (and 13th) of this month to finally play the 12 of 12 game.  (Alright the 10 out of 12 game - I was close.)  I was in tech for my current show so this one is highly theatre centric, and also entirely indoors.    Whooo - let the games begin.

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diabolique dragon

Random bits

Happy Saturday everyone.  I hope you're staying warm/dry as the case may be.  

1.  I am now in Ravelry!  I played around on the site a little and it looks fabulous, but of course I'm about to go into tech so it'll be awhile before I can really play.
2.  I also opened a flickr account, though I haven't done anything with it yet.
3.  It just thundered hugely!  (Possibly there was lightning too but the rehearsal hall has no windows.)  Thunder storms are one of the things I miss the most about living here, they almost never happen.  Northern CA is getting pelted by storms and it's kind of fun, as long as you don't have to drive.  Then it's ugly.
4.  J comes home today, if the weather doesn't mess with his flight.  I will be really glad to see him, but I'm also a little annoyed at him right now.  (When you say 'I'll call you tomorrow', then call me tomorrow.  How hard is that really?)
5.  I got my holiday box from my brother.  Who didn't just get me the Hairspray DVD, but got me the gift pack.  That came with a foot tall pink metal locker!  I have no idea where I'm going to put it, but I look forward to decorating it.  It makes me giggle every time I see it.
6.  I'm ready for this show to start technical rehearsals.  It will be nice when we have the seven motors to move the scenery instead of just the three of us to haul things around.  And I'll be grateful to be a little further away from the actors. 

frustration and thanks

Gack.  I dislike rehearsal days like today.  This typically would be a day off: not only is it Monday, but it's the day after our designer runthru.  Of course it's also NYE and one of my actresses has a birthday so there are many distractions.  Mind you - we don't have today off so that we can have tomorrow off, which is much more important from both a recovery and a football standpoint.  But everyone here is wanting to chat about other things, and rehearsal keeps falling into digressions that have nothing to do the show.  And all I can think is I had to get myself here, and open the building, and prep for rehearsal and I managed.  So could we either just get on with it and rehearse, or go home.  Focus people!! 

<sigh>  To counteract that mini-rant I will now list a few things I am grateful for.
1.  That J is off the roads and safely where he will be spending the next few days.  (His car went into a ditch yesterday and roads closed and he ended up spending the night in a church.  But everything is better now.)
2.  I had a lovely, if slow, run this morning.
3.  My credit card company forgave the late fee from Dec, since it was the first time I've paid late in a decade.
4.  I'll be spending this evening with friends.


I hope that everyone has a lovely evening, whatever your plans are.  Be safe.


with visions of sugar plums

1) Rehearsals have started for my next show.  This cast is a lot of fun, and while the script isn't my all time favorite at least it's interesting.  Even better, the director and the cast prefer shorter days so my schedule is mostly 12-6p!  Today is our last day before four days off (in a row!  Astounding!).

2) My holiday present to myself is to ignore Sparkpeople until after the New Year.  Not so much because I'm eating crazy amounts of sweets or food, but because deconstructing holiday food to its ingredients to enter is a serious pain.  But...

3) I have finally started running again.  I took several weeks off, but started moving again on Monday.  I found a 10K race in mid-February that fits into my schedule, and it means I have something I have to train for which will keep me more motivated.

4) Life has been crazy.  Between travelling with J for Thanksgiving and then home to WI, finishing at Klutz and starting a show, house sitting for a friend in San Bruno, dealing with holiday shopping and stuff, and wanting to still see my boyfriend - I have spent only three nights in my own bed since Thanksgiving.  This is insane.  But  as everyone is going off to their versions of the holiday I thought I'd share mine.

-- I am always working on a show in Dec, either in rehearsal or finishing performances.  So travelling home hasn't been easily possible - especially given that the Midwest weather can wreck havoc with careful plans.  (This is why I usually go home in early Dec or Jan.)  While I have received many invitations from friends it feels odd to me to intrude on someone else's family at this time of year.  So I spend Christmas alone at home.  And it's wonderful.  In a world that is often too busy with too many things going on, a day (or days this year - whee) that I can spend selfishly alone is the best gift ever.  I get a chance to actually cook for a change, to watch videos (last year I marathoned season 1 of Dr. Who), and do whatever I want, whenever I want.  Much as I am going to miss J ,who is driving home to CO for the holidays, I am kind of relieved that I have no reason to be anywhere but home for ten days.  The rituals I have now are going to a midnight service on the 24th where a high school friend of mind leads the choir, and calling home the morning of the 25th.  That's it.  And that's wonderful.